Jewelry Care Sheet

I use fade and tarnish-proof wire and findings whenever possible, but all metal tarnishes eventually. Tarnishing can happen due to several reasons, such as exposure to air, humidity, or contact with skin oils. Follow these tips to keep your jewelry sparkling for as long as possible. 

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your handmade jewelry stays beautiful.

How to Untangle Wire Jewelry

Handmade wire jewelry is sometimes made with several sections that are connected to one another by jump rings, chain, or wire. Due to the nature of the materials, wires tend to hook into neighboring sections. If you try to manually pull them apart, this can stress, damage, or twist the pieces.

To safely untangle your wire earrings:

Hold your earring by the earhook and gently shake/vibrate the entire earring. Repeat until the movement and gravity allows the sections to line up correctly again.

To safely untangle bracelets and necklaces:

Hold your piece one section removed from the point of entanglement. Gently shake and vibrate with the heavier part hanging down, allowing the motion and gravity to untangle the sections.

Macramé Care Sheet

Macramé wall hangings are beautiful and intricate pieces of art that require proper care and maintenance to ensure that they last a long time. Here's a guide to help you clean and care for your macramé wall hangings:

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your macramé wall hanging stays beautiful and in good condition for years to come.